Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Lady Gaga's 'Bad Romance' can damage eyes


Though Lady Gaga's Bad Romance video from her second album The Fame Monster has topped charts and got positive reviews from critics, optometrists have given it a big thumbs down.

The video is leading to a new fashion frenzy that poses deadly health consequences for the eyes, says the Canadian Association of Optometrists.

In the video, one image of Lady Gaga shows abnormally large eyeballs, akin to Japanese cartoon characters. Even though Lady Gaga's eyes are computer enhanced in the video to achieve that 'doe-eyed' look, young fans have turned to the internet to order the 'circle lens' to mimic the pop star, the statement warned.

'Circle lens' are cosmetic contact lenses that give the illusion of a very large iris (coloured area). But they are a health hazard for the eye as lens materials inhibit the eye from breathing properly, and can cause infections from poor hygienic handling and sharing with friends, the Canadian Association of Optometrists said.

"All contact lenses, whether prescription or purely cosmetic, come into direct contact with the surface of the eye. The eye is a very sensitive organ that can be easily irritated, scratched, or permanently damaged," said Desmond Fonn, who heads the Centre for Contact Lens Research and a Professor at the School of Optometry at the famous University of Waterloo near here.

"Too often we leap at trends and fashions without understanding the potential consequences... correct contact lens use includes being properly fitted and cared for by a professional who would provide appropriate instruction on the use and care of the lenses," he cautioned.

Bad Romance has topped the Canadian Hot 100 and UK Singles Charts since its release last October.

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